Venom Movie Review

With the newest hit thing hitting the big screen, there is only one question on everyone’s mind: was it good?


So I very recently watched this movie after putting it off for several days, deciding that I’d let the outcry of social media dictate whether or not I caved in and watched it.

I was on the fence about this because I knew that they changed the rating from R to PG-13, and man… can you actually imagine a bloody, R-rated Venom movie? Like Deadpool, but with Venom? It would have hands down been a straight up awesome movie, and why the hell they decided to not take the risk, I’ll never know. It was a big mistake, in my opinion.

Well, Social Media gave me significantly mixed reviews and so I’ve decided to step up and put my own foot down.

Venom starts itself as a relatively… boring movie. We see the same thing we’ve always seen in movies similar, the space ship falling from the sky, the corporate greed guy that is trying to use it even though he has virtually no hope of controlling it, let alone understanding it – and Tom Hardy’s character Eddie Brock who comes off as too-cool-for-you despite being a journalist and reporter; a professional that is notoriously… not very cool.

Still, he embodies a ‘pursuit of justice’ that seems to not care that he might be risking his career with bold accusations. Overall, the initial character introduction just left me wishing that there was something a little more there, maybe a human side.

The corporate greed guy goes into the same old song and dance that it seems every villain these days is obsessed with. “Over-population, Humanity is terrible, we are parasites on Earth!”
Now, to his credit, he did seem like he just wanted to find the next world for everyone to live on. His intentions were good and yes, sacrifices must be made in order to make these tremendous strides- blah, blah, blah. I’m still caught up on the fact that they literally stumbled onto the symbiotes, on a goddamn meteorite!

Let’s fast forward though, to where Eddie Brock screws up his whole life by deciding to read confidential files and then exclusively attack the corporate greed guy in an interview, resulting in him not only losing his potential wife, but his job and almost everything.

He is in a bad spot, clearly and then we cut to SIX MONTHS LATER. 

Six goddamn months, and apparently the Symbiote Riot has just been hanging around for Six Months, not bothering to do anything and just trying to find his way to the Life Corporation.

And that’s a big problem for me. Riot is determined and one evil motherfucker, but apparently it takes him longer than SIX MONTHS to figure out how to travel where he needs to go.

A little absurd, but we keep going.

Eddie is in an even worse spot: he can’t find a job, he looks like a washed up drunk and basically every other known protagonist stereotype.

I’ll be honest, at this point in the movie I don’t care about any of these characters or anything happening to them, all I want to see is Venom. This kind of becomes a problem when you are trying to establish these characters are someone I’m supposed to care about. What happens when something tragic happens, and someone dies? I.. just won’t care, it’ll be like any other B Horror Film where a bunch of people just die left and right.

They start human trials and the only thing that corporate greed cares about is bonding the two entities into one. Great plan, it doesn’t work out very well.

Until you have these two hosts. One was in the body for four days, and the other, was the homeless girl Eddie had a friendship with, and she was hosting venom for seven days. 

Later on, we find out the first host of four days has acclimated to the body and the person is no longer hurt from it. Corporate greed then remarks that ‘he knew it’ and it ‘just needed more time.’

Then.. why the hell is the homeless woman still fine at seven days?

This movie doesn’t seem to understand it’s own rules.

But, thankfully Homeless girl gives Eddie Venom and we have ourselves an semi-interesting movie!

I won’t go too far into this detail, but let’s just say that Venom literally makes this movie and without the simple, occasional comment from him… I would’ve hated this movie.

There was something amusing about his method of humor, just because it seemed like he genuinely did not understand the fault in his suggestions or how ruthless they came off as sometimes.

If you are looking for anything exceptional, depthful or thought provoking in this movie… look elsewhere.

But, if you take it for what it is,  Tom Hardy and Venom together are an amusing pair; every other character actually faded into the background, even Riot!

Now, we get to the final scene… and we’re introduced to Carnage. Hands down one of my favorite, if not my favorite Symbiote character.

They set themselves up for a sequel, and the sequel is already looking like it is going to be a hundred times more interesting than this one.

Now, this second movie will be absolute trash if it doesn’t receive an R-rating. Anyone that knows anything about Carnage knows that he is twisted, bloody and an overall savage individual that kills for fun; you can’t have rampant killing without blood!

Now, if you are on the fence about seeing this one still, don’t let yourself get pulled down by all the negative nonsense and all the positive ‘it was amazing!’ nonsense. This movie was just o-k.