Life as a Writer

The Life of a Writer is one of emotion. Never limited, never set. The Writer will undoubtedly experience a spectrum of emotion that is dark, encompassing and terrible. The Writer puts themselves in the mindset of others, in different lives and different places. The Writer is always anyone but themselves. – Unknown

As a Writer, you’ll encounter a strange bit of hardship when going about your daily tasks. You’ll find you care about things most people don’t stop to glance at; a beautiful scenery, a terrible scenery, the mundane comings and goings of life. You’ll see words that define the lives, an imagination that is as broad as it is infinite in it’s beauty.

People have often asked me, ‘Why do you bother to write? Is it rewarding? Does it pay well?’ No, it certainly doesn’t pay well… but it is rewarding. It calms the uncertainty of life and gives me control over something, an absolute control that still has a habit of being bent.
I often find that characters I write sometimes end up writing themselves, my control of them becomes limited simply due to what they would do as opposed to what I want them to do, and that to me is a feeling that I can’t find anywhere else.

The joy of writing, the mystery of where the words take me has always been the ringer. I’ll fail a thousand times if it means just once I get to succeed, and just once I’ll have someone enjoy the little niches I write for, no matter how rare that may be.

If you are a writer, determined to become Freelancer, or maybe an aspiring author, just know this: the words we live by are what define how we live, our very reality is make believe and who better to weave the lies of fantasy and fiction than we, so versed at this twisted tongue? Never give up on this dream you have, even if it means you have to sacrifice it for the time being. Keep at it, endure.

I have and still am.